IVRI is a full line industrial process control / PVF distributor specializing in value-added & cost reducing solutions for our customers.

Integrated Solutions

IVRI is focused on a number of specialty businesses & value-added functions - all grounded in a strong tradition of providing the highest quality service to our customers.

From servicing basic process control requirements to our local hospitals & schools to providing Mil-Spec inspection & kitting services to United States Navy…IVRI has your needs covered.

IVRI can also provide total solutions from custom single use projects to repetitive high volume business.

IVRI is dedicated in growing our business by offering products and services to help you reach your goals.

Kanban Services

Kanban – a Japanese word that means “sign board”. A word that has become synonymous with “demand scheduling” or Just in Time (JIT) Manufacturing. Kanban is utilized so that operators can produce product based on actual usage, rather then forecasted usage. Kanban will eliminate the need for production planners and supervisors to continuously monitor schedule status and in addition it will free up material planners, schedulers and supervisors by empowering the operator to control the line.

Benefits of Kanban

  • Reduce inventory
  • Improves flow
  • Prevents overproduction
  • Places control at the operational level
  • Improves responsiveness to change in demand
  • Minimizes risk of having obsolete inventory

IVRI will implement Kanban to your facility.

We are able to manage the process using these 6 steps:

  1. Conduct data collection
  2. Calculate the Kanban size
  3. Train everyone
  4. Start the Kanban
  5. Audit the Kanban
  6. Continuous improvement on the Kanban

Kitting Services

IVRI’s Kitting Services division offers its clients the opportunity to outsource their component purchasing and logistics functions to achieve significant cost and efficiency benefits within their production departments.

Our aim is develop a custom component kitting solution to a client’s specific requirements by using a combination of our available services. These services are packaged to derive the maximum benefits in a client’s production/purchasing environment.

Summary of Key benefits of IVRI's kitting services:

  • Reduced number of purchase orders
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Cash flow benefits from reduced stock holding
  • Possible better utilization of space by reducing inventory area
  • Faster production cycles
  • Faster response to customer orders
  • Enhanced customer service from accurate product management and control

On-Site Threading & Cutting Services

Threading & Grooving Services

NPT threading capabilities 1/4″ thru 4.0″ diameter pipe.

Grooving capability 2″ thru 12″ diameter pipe.

Cutting Services

Horizontal bandsaw cutting capabilities up to 12″ diameter pipe and 11″ square structural steel.

Call Ahead or Walk-In Counter Services

Engineering Services

Our engineering services support electrical, mechanical, and process engineers, plant managers, project managers, and design teams. Using a collaborative approach, we help you develop project-specific industrial process control solutions to meet your critical application requirements. We offer a wide range of components, including steam valves, pressure ratings, fittings, instrumentation, piping, and tubing. Our knowledgeable team ensures all your chosen components are correct and work together seamlessly, providing an all-in-one industrial process control solution. So, whether you need help outfitting a steam circuit or determining the best course of action for a tricky project, let our engineering support team guide the way.

HVAC/Refrigeration Services

Our HVAC and refrigeration services are designed to support clients who need help building a system to meet specific project requirements, including flow rates, pressure, and steam. When you come to us with a new contract, our outside and inside sales teams can help determine the components required. Our consultative process guides you through every step and provides expert advice on valves, fittings, and tools to ensure you have everything you need to build a system that meets your specifications. Trust us to help you build a reliable, efficient HVAC and refrigeration system that will have your customers singing your praises.

Procurement Solutions

IVRI offers a full range of procurement services. Our goal is to reduce your company’s bottom line and save you time so you can do what you do best, run YOUR business.

  • Materials procurement
  • Warehousing
  • Electronic order fulfillment
  • The ability to manage multiple carriers, rates and services
  • Rate shopping to ensure low shipping costs on every order