Our Team

Scott Dobbeck

President / Owner

Contact: scottd@go-ivri.com

Scott founded the company in 1998. His intentions were for the company to become a valuable partner to its customers by providing dependable, value-added engineering, purchasing, and inventory control functions on the MRO and OEM levels to a variety of industrial markets. Scott has spent the past 35 years in Sales and Operations and the last 30 years in Distribution.

Sam Terroso

Executive Vice-President / Owner

Contact: samt@go-ivri.com

Sam joined IVRI as a principal partner in 2000. His primary industrial background is in engineered value-added products including manual and automated valving, instrumentation, and integrated services. Sam has 30 years of Sales and Operations experience in both the industrial manufacturing and distribution fields. He has been intimately involved at the OEM and MRO level of IVRI’s extensive customer base, including the HVAC, Chemical Processing, Pharmaceutical, and Institutional markets.  IVRI’s development and growth in the military / government segments are a direct responsibility.

Wade Smith

General Manager

Contact: wades@go-ivri.com

Wade has been with IVRI since July, 2003. He has over 30 years of experience in Inside Sales/Customer Service. He was promoted to Manager of Inside Sales in 2007 and oversees the daily quoting and sales processing activities at IVRI. He is also directly responsible for the day-to-day sales functions of multiple IVRI customer contracts & value-add programs.  In 2022, Wade was named as IVRI’s first ever General Manager which expanded his responsibilities to include all operational functions within the organization.

Joe Terroso

Director of Business Development

Contact: joet@go-ivri.com

Joe joined the IVRI team in 2003. He has been actively involved in both project and vendor management, as well as inventory control and purchasing. The logistics of foreign markets are a major focus for him as IVRI continues to grow its inventory base of globally competitive products.  Joe is also responsible for the growth and maintenance of IVRI’s sales territories as well as new product offerings.

Mary Lou Stouffer


Contact: marylous@go-ivri.com

Started her career with IVRI in 2000 with 23 years of experience in small business operations. She was promoted to Controller in 2006 and is responsible for all financial aspects of the organization. She also maintains the IT & HR functions for the company.  Mary Lou has been an integral part of IVRI’s growth and attention to detail for more than 20+ years.

Steve Kline

Operations and Quality Control Manager

Contact: stevek@go-ivri.com

Steve has been with IVRI since April 2020. He has 30 years of experience in HVAC Design Engineering and Testing. He currently oversees the day-to-day receipts, inspections, shipments, and the multitude of value-added tasks for our business. Steve is also responsible for implementing, maintaining & updating our Mil-Spec certified Quality Program.

Mike Crowe

Warehouse Manager

Contact: mikelc@go-ivri.com

Mike has been with IVRI since 2004 and supervises the receipt, dispatching, and storage of inventory. Mike also manages the warehouse staff, delivery schedules, delivery fleet vehicles and other warehouse equipment, and oversees security, sanitation, and administrative functions.

In Memoriam

Ben Smith, Co-Worker and Friend

December 14, 1987 – December 26, 2022